5 ways to increase productivity in the workplace

5 ways to increase productivity in the workplace

As a small business owner, finding new ways to empower your staff to perform at their best every day is important. When there’s only a handful of people on your team, every person counts, and if one is slowing down or isn’t pulling their weight, the whole team will feel it and will have to work hard to catch up. The good news is that there are lots of ways that you can boost morale and increase productivity: we’ve put together a few simple solutions below…

Encourage breaks

It’s not healthy for every employee to be busy every minute of the entire workday. Overworking will only lead to unnecessary stress and burnout, so ensure that your staff know when they can take a break and some time away from their desk. Indeed, short 10 to 15-minute breaks allow them to recharge their batteries and feel relaxed and refreshed, ready for more work. Encourage them to spend time in the staff room and consider a breakout room. Some firms even invest in products like ping-pong tables which can be fun.  

Think about the decor

Being productive at work includes making the workplace physically and visually enjoyable. Spend some time breathing new life into your office so that it’s comfortable and welcoming to both employees and clients. Bright, open spaces are better for working together, and you inject colour and personality into the spaces with artwork and houseplants. In a world where staff want to work from home, you must work hard to make them feel at home and engaged.

Make sure they’re supported

One of the reasons why so many small business owners struggle to hold onto talented staff is because they throw them in at the deep end and leave them to it. Offering your team the right levels of support is vital – from human resources to working with a company that offers IT support in Barnsley and beyond, there are lots of processes you can put in place so that, whether your team has a problem with the WiFi or they’re in a dispute over pay, they’ll always know who to talk to in order to get things fixed and ensure their work doesn’t suffer.

Cut back on interruptions

More often than not, staff are ready and willing to work, but find disruptions and interruptions that stop them from getting on with the job. It could be something as simple as having the radio on or allowing staff to use social media when they should be concentrating. Spend some time reviewing your current working practices and arrangements and consider ways to cut back on interruptions. The more focused your team is, the more work they’ll get done.

Ask for their feedback

How well do you actually know your teams? Spend some time asking them about their work and what they like and dislike about being there. You might learn something new and could make some simple, effective changes that improve their work-life balance and allows them to perform at their best. They know their jobs better than anyone else, so listen to them!


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