Benefits of Strata Management Services


Strata management services provide a good number of benefits to homeowners and building owners. These services can include maintaining common areas, financial management, insurance, and coordination of the lot owners’ affairs. A professional can also help you determine if your community is a good investment.

Building manager

Strata management services, such as a building manager, can help an owners corporation manage their common property and tenants. By performing these functions, the living experience in a strata community can be more enjoyable and cost effective.

Generally, building managers are hired by the owners corporation after a consensus vote. They may or may not live on site. The job is a full time position. The duties of a building manager vary depending on the needs of a particular scheme.

A building manager may not only oversee maintenance on the building’s interior, but also the exterior. A good building manager will know how to work with tradespeople. They should be able to advise their clients about their work and give them practical advice.

The main role of a building manager is to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building. They are responsible for the upkeep of the building’s fire system, roof anchor points, swimming pools, and lifts. They also make sure the tenants are comfortable.

Financial management

Strata management is a legal framework that allows multiple owners to share a property. These properties can be residential apartments, townhouses, condominiums or serviced apartments. The system was developed in Australia, but has recently been adopted by many jurisdictions.

Common property refers to the shared areas of a building, such as garages, pools, gates and gardens. It also includes structures installed by the strata corporation. It is the responsibility of all building owners to maintain these common areas.

Depending on the size of the building, the regular payments required for these expenses will vary. For larger blocks, the regular payments may be higher. The funds that are generated from operations and financing activities are used to cover day-to-day property expenses.

Strata management also involves preparing financial statements. These statements are a tool that can be used by both internal and external stakeholders to evaluate the performance of the company. It helps the stakeholders to understand cash flow and allows them to generate ideas to improve the business.


Choosing an insurer for strata management services can be an important part of managing your community. There are many factors that need to be considered before choosing an insurer. Having the right approach can help you to select a policy that is right for your business.

The first consideration is whether or not you need to buy insurance for your building. Most states require that you have a building insurance policy. This will cover your home, as well as any common property within the complex. This will include items such as a roof, tiles and a cavity.

It is also a good idea to consider a contents insurance policy. This will cover the personal belongings of your tenants.

Some residents of strata buildings choose to buy their own contents insurance. This may be cheaper, but it doesn’t necessarily offer the same level of protection.

Ensure common areas are well maintained

Whether you are a new buyer or an experienced homeowner, it is important to know how to ensure common areas are maintained in a timely manner. This can impact your property value. By selecting the right strata management services, you can rest assured that your building is well maintained and in good condition.

When you purchase or rent a condominium or apartment, you automatically become a member of the owners’ association. This organization is responsible for maintaining all common areas and running the administrative aspects of the property. The members of the owners’ corporation must adhere to the laws of the state. They are also expected to uphold an ethical code of conduct.

Among the duties of an owner’s corporation are advising lot owners about how to use and maintain their property. They also provide guidance on legal compliance, and arrange insurance valuations.

Coordinate affairs of lot owners

Strata management is a term used to describe the process of managing a multiple owner property. This involves keeping track of common area maintenance, enforcing by-laws and maintaining financial records.

Strata management is a complex endeavor, and requires a lot of paperwork. A strata manager will be responsible for balancing the books, facilitating payments to trades people, and managing the levy. These tasks are done with the approval of the owners corporation. They are also responsible for managing the strata roll, a spreadsheet listing all the owners.

Strata management is a growing industry in the United States and Canada. The system is also being adopted in Australia and other countries, including the UK, where it is called the body corporate model. The system is a standardized framework for managing several owners.


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