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Misconceptions About Makeup & Your Health

Misconceptions About Makeup & Your Health

Makeup and skincare routines are one of the women’s favorite things to do. Women spend hundreds of dollars a year on products that aim to improve their physical appearance and self confidence. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions that swirl around in the cosmetic industry like any other industry. The most knowledgable people come from salons and spas who work directly with clients to improve their physical appearance. That is why we spoke with salon booking software experts to discuss the biggest misconceptions about makeup and your health. 

You Don’t Need Sunscreen If You Wear Makeup

A lot of makeup brands explain on their packaging that they have a slight degree of sun protection. Usually, cosmetic products contain a small amount of SPF to help maintain the quality of the makeup in sunlight. However, some women interpret this as they don’t need sunscreen if they are wearing makeup out in the sun. Unfortunately, this is not true. The SPF in makeup is not high enough and is diluted heavily by other chemicals within the makeup formula. If you are going to wear makeup out while it is sunny, you still want to apply sunscreen as well. 

Makeup Is Bad For You

Another popular misconception is makeup is bad for your health. To a slight degree this is true, a lot of the time it is blown out of proportion. Makeup can clog your pores which is a negative, but it doesn’t contribute to other negative problems like wrinkles, dry/oily skin, and patchiness. Your genetics play a way bigger factor for those negatives and naturally come with aging. It is very hard to say that makeup is the cause of natural aging processes. A good skin care routine can help tackle those negative effects. 

Makeup Doesn’t Expire

Expiration dates are placed on a lot more products than just food. Over time, a makeup’s quality can decrease severely and have adverse reactions on your skin. Many people believe that makeup is good for a long time. After expiration, the chemicals in makeup can cause bad reactions. Expired makeup can harbor nasty bacteria. It can be difficult to figure out if makeup is expired since labeling is not always present. You are better off keeping track of purchase date rather than look for an expiration date. 

Expensive Makeup Is Better For You

The premium markets for any industry are all heavy branding and psychology. Just because makeup costs a lot, it doesn’t mean it is better for you. It’s similar to how the quality of clothes is related to the price. This is simply untrue. Quality can only be improved up to a certain point. You want to focus on ingredients rather than the price tag. A high price tag means the branding and reputation have allowed them to tack on a premium. Keep this in mind next time you go shopping for makeup. 

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